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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lovefilm, Silverlight, Microsoft, (not) Android and (not) Linux


Have just taken a free offer of Amazon Prime, that gives me a free subscription to Lovefilm, and on first tryout I find I'm required to install Microsoft Silverlight, a platform consigned to the 'non-strategic' heap even by it's owners Microsoft.

Of course Silverlight (an attempt to create a Flash replacement before HTML5 did that anyway) is poorly supported by anyone other than Microsoft. It isn't available at all on the Android platform, so that's the bulk of the mobile market excluded to Lovefilm.

Amusingly, there is an Android app for Lovefilm but this helps you catalogue your rental DVD's, not stream the actual movies, hence the truly dire reviews on the Play Store.

So this will be yet another ill-considered tech decision that ultimately tanks a company.

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